STR#022: Les Marinellis LP and STR#024: J Marinelli one-sided 10″

Les Marinellis – Same LP (special edition only)

„Listening to the first track one thing falls into place: LE KID is only absorbed in LES MARINELLIS and not blown away, as your mind will do. You’re right there where the great debut left you – deep in a sweeping frisky 60’s garage pop huddle. The second song “Le Ciel“ comes kinda like a lost gem from the DEMON‘S CLAWS songbook – pure country psychedelica. Clappin’ hands and shamblin’ through “Deux Pour Trois” then inhalin’ the hazy musing of “Seul” these dudes will bring you to the light of “La Vie” at the end of side A.
The flip side features even five more super catchy tracks in the vein of JAQUES DUTRONC and DEMON‘S CLAWS, but the last dance “Mes Yeux” is a goddamned HIT! All performed in a sloppy BLACK LIPS and LE CHELSEA BEAT parlance and at some moments the band reminds me a little of LOS GROWLERS with balls.
There is no doubt about the sound, solid recordings and excellent mastering ensure sweaty adventures in the haunts of your youth.“ (P.Trash)

The regular LP version was released by P.Trash Records in time for their Europe tour in April, the tape version by Burger Records. So now the special Stencil Trash Records edition is finally done, too. It’s limited to 105 copies in white wax and comes with a handmade 1c linocut on the front- and a fixed photo on the backcover. The color of the linocut varies a bit between a more reddish or a more yellowish terracotta color. 300g/m² paper and numbered by hand.

You can listen to the full album here:

J Marinelli – The War on Pleasure one-sided 10″
More than two years after „Young Spillers“ (STR#008) J Marinelli is back on Stencil Trash Records! In the meantime he released another two 7″s and two tapes and finally toured Europe in May 2014.
On this record J Marinelli proves one more time his diversity of songs and influences „that re­aches from GUI­DED BY VOICES, THE FALL or WIRE to Billy Bragg, Hasil Ad­kins or Billy Chil­dish.“ (Roman/Corporate Knock-Out Fanzine)
The 10″ is limited to 117 handnumbered copies in gold/red-streaked wax pressed without labels and comes with a 1c silkscreened brown record hole cover and black innersleeves. A cut-out „A“ made of adhesive rust imitation foil got attached to the A-Side.

17 handnumbered test-pressings pressed in 12″ size come with a 250 g/m² rough watercolor board cover, that got splattered with watercolor and sticked with two 20×30cm photo prints:

You can listen to the full record here:

Prices (excl. shipping):
Les Marinellis LP lim. 105 13€
J Marinelli 10″ lim. 117 8,5€

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