STR #021: Bror Gunnar Jansson 8″

„Bror Gunnar Jansson (a.k.a. Gunnes Enmanna) is a Swedish one-man band who unleashes a garage-style hybrid of blues, country, and folk. He is an enigmatic performer who can ooze backwoodsy and minimalistic laments as well as unleash ferociously angular and devastatingly powerful breakdowns.“

On this record all four songs were recorded on an old tape recorder from the late 30’s which gives the songs a very specific sound.
Next to the specific sound of the songs the record comes in a specific getup. The records are dubplates, which means they aren‘t pressed, but cut in real time. This time on pretty thick black wax. The A-Side Label is a printed 3-layer stencil painting, the B-Side one is based on a 1-layer stencil painting. The cover is „just“ a postcard (350g/m² postcard paper and a glossy lacquered front side) with a printed 7-layer stencil painting on it, that was sprayed on corrugated cardboard. The edges are cut-out by hand and a round white sticker is added to the front. The record is limited to 49 copies, numbered by stamp.

Moan Snake Moan, Pt. 2 – Black Snake
Mystery Train (Herman „Junior“ Parker)
Moan Snake Moan, Pt. 1 – Rattlesnake
Blues for Belton

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