STR #012: Skurkarna 7″, STR #015: Brat Farrar one-sided 7″, STR #016: The Whip-Bats one-sided 7″ and STR #017: The Snookys / The Morbeats Split 7″

The last release is dated back already 4 months. In these 4 months I worked nearly every free minute on these 4 new releases, which are all finally completly done now. Some of these records come with the most elaborate and time-consuming record covers i ever made, though i tell this every time. Several things had to be done different than originally planned, i teached me a new spray paint art technique just for the brat farrar cover artwork and, as usual, it took a huge amount of manufacturing time longer than expected. At a rough guess I worked around 300 hours on these releases, I think. So well, here we go:

STR #012: Skurkarna – Route 91 7″ (Co-Release with Dem Bones Records)

About Skurkarna: Skurkarna is an all instrumental „Crime-Rock“ happening from parts unknown. Some call them criminally insane. Others describe them as a much needed remedy for the dull and static social rules of a goverment controlled society.

100 copies in a 1color 1-layer stencil sprayed cut-out 300g/m² paper cover; the backcover is stamped with 3 stamps and got a handdrawn frame (made with an acrylic-based hybrid paint marker with a calligraphy tip); grooved and folded 3 times by hand; numbered by stamp in the inside; black vinyl and b/w labels.

5 test-pressings in a 1color 1-layer stencil sprayed 300g/m² silver paper cover; stamped innersleeve and numbered by stamp.

STR #015: Brat Farrar – Should have walked away one-sided 7″

About Brat Farrar: Taking his DIY approach to the ultimate level BRAT FARRAR comes rumbling out of a Melbourne bedroom with tunes that sound like they were recorded in 1979 over a cassette version of the first Wipers record. Leaving behind his previous life as frontman of Digger and The Pussycats, BRAT FARRAR has been reborn a one-man all singing all dancing, new wave machine.

The record comes in a closeable cut-out cover with a (pretty exactly calculated) spacepainting artwork and is numbered by hand; printed on 300g/m² paper and UV lacquered; grooved and folded 4 times by hand; colored vinyl in a stamped 90g deluxe paper innersleeve and a „spider sprayed“ b-side; fixed photo taken by Christian Kock inside; there are two different editions: 79 copies in clear wax and a black „spider sprayed“ b-side and 77 copies in grey mixed wax and a silver „spider sprayed“ b-side; both editions come with a different photo inside.

12 test-pressings come with a 5color sprayed 3mm hdf wooden board cover and a photo taken by Christian Kock on the back; grey/blue marmor adhesive foil glued on the b-side; stamped innersleeve and numbered by stamp.

STR #016: The Whip-Bats – Chaos in the clocktower one-sided 7″

About The Whip-Bats: Horror movie/Euro Sleaze soundtrack music with punk/garage/deathrock/80s/early Nintendo-ish side FX!

68 copies in a by magnets closeable cover with a 5-layer stencil artwork; printed on 300g/m² paper and UV lacquered; light bluish/greenish(?) grey wax with blue/green mixed stamped label in a stamped 90g deluxe paper innersleeve; fixed pixel art photo inside; numbered by stamp.

STR #017: The Snookys / The Morbeats Split 7″ (Co-Release with Bedo Records)

About The Snookys: The Snookys are a garage punk band. They came out screaming from Bergamo, a cold city in Italy.
After a bunch of demos in pure italian punk style and a lot of gigs in Italy the band decided to focus on what they really loved, english punk with a really heavy dose of hi-speed r’n‘r inspired by the magnificence of 90′s US garage punk bands.

158 copies in a stamped 80g/m² packing paper cover fixed with photo prints of 3-/4-layer stencil paintings and stamped labels; numbered by stamp:

34 handnumbered copies in a stamped 300g/m² paper cover fixed with photo prints and stamped labels; these were made in advance in time for their tour in january:

10 test-pressings in a 280g/m² grey recycled cover with a fixed green metallic aluminum foil; 2-layer stencil sprayed and a stamped package sticker fixed on the front; stamped backcover and innersleeve; numbered by stamp:

Prices (excl. shipping costs):
Skurkarna lim. 100 7″: 9€
Brat Farrar lim. 79 one-sided 7″: 7,5€
Brat Farrar lim. 77 one-sided 7″: 7,5€
The Whip-Bats lim. 68 one-sided 7″: 10€
The Snookys / The Morbeats lim. 158 Split 7″: 5€

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