STR #013: Pechsaftha – 4 Jahreszeiten 4″x8″

The release of this record has been clear for already about 1 1/2 years, but has been delayed over and over again due to a couple of problems with finding a good lathe-cutter for this, getting a nice and unique cover idea, saving enough money etc…

4″x8″ (1 record, 2 holes and 4 grooves) in a closable fold-out 300g/m² black paper cover; cut-out lettering front and 3color sprayed 2-layer stencil back on adhesive dark mahogany wood imitation foil that is fixed on the cover; photo print (photo by Martin Kircher) glued on the 3rd page of the cover; all cutting and grooves for folding (10 in total) made by hand with a scalpel and an empty ball pen; handnumbered by pencil; limited to 45 copies.

Dedicated to Martin Büsser.


Keep in mind when you play this record: there is no last groove, the stylus will run straight to the empty centre (this wasn‘t possible to change for technical reasons).

Sold out via reservation (manufactured in quantity of requests).